The LGO Playbook Podcast: Season 3


Founded in 2019, the LGO Playbook podcast’s mission is to highlight compelling stories within and outside MIT with the ultimate goal of being an avenue for current and past students to further explore their playbook. The podcast continues with its third season this year, adapting to the challenges arising from COVID and Zoom university, with three key goals:

  1. Attract new students by showing a glimpse of LGO (e.g. student life, post-MIT career paths, faculty and staff)
  2. Share compelling stories (e.g. operations, engineering, business and more!)
  3. Interview diverse speakers (targeting equity in gender, ethnicity, roles, and even those outside of the MIT community)

Three episodes featuring phenomenal speakers have been released so far in Season 3 of the podcast, including:

Episode 1: On COVID-19, the Airline Industry, and Luck from a Probabilistic Perspective

Our favorite probability professor Arnie shares his perspective as a professor, airline industry expert, and all-around probabilist as the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. He currently teaches courses on probability and the airline industry at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Episode 2: On Entrepreneurial Journey and Work Life Balance

Josh Jensen is an LGO Class of 2016 graduate with a wide range of work experiences from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. He is the cofounder and CEO of Inspectify, a Y-Combinator backed company that uses technology to solve the headaches of home inspections. He lives in West Seattle with his wife Mary (LGO ‘12), their two daughters, and a husky puppy.

Episode 3: Ladies of LGO – On Student Life, Imposter Syndrome and Relationships

Current students Juliette Chevallier (LGO ’21), Liza Xu (LGO ’21) and Lauren Sakerka (LGO ’22) share their candid experiences with the program. We chat about transitioning into virtual learning, experiencing imposter syndrome, maintaining relationships with significant others and planning future careers.

Later this month, tune into our next episode with Gene Kim, a multiple award-winning CTO and DevOps researcher and author. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Professor Steve Spear for making the connection, which truly shows the broad reach and interconnectedness of our LGO community. 

We’re always looking for new speakers to chat with! If you’re interested in being featured on the LGO Playbook or know of interesting speakers to whom we should reach out, contact

About the Authors

A team of eight LGO Class of 2022 students (Sravani Yajamanam Kidambi, Christina Michaels, Amit Galgali, Luke Higgins, Felipe Correia, Michelle Feole, Stephen Wendorf, and Connor Stehr) are at the helm of the LGO Playbook podcast for Season 3. They have produced episodes featuring guest speakers that include MIT professors, LGO alumni, and current LGO students, all while navigating the challenges of COVID-19 and “Zoom University”.